This is the second episode of the “Cloud Solution Architect” podcast where we talk to Azure architects from across the globe and discuss interesting and creative Azure solutions. For more podcast episodes, animated azure video lessons and simplified how-to Azure articles please visit

In this episode we go through an insightful and fun conversation with Julian Soh who works as a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft US in the west coast.

We talk about a wide variety of topics from how smart trash cans are revolutionizing a city and county by leveraging Azure to how biking helps Julian keep up with the latest and greatest on Azure

Enjoy listening !

Show notes

01:42 –> Julian talks about his background and how he got into Azure space

04:20 –> We discuss how the CSA (Clous Solution Architects) organization is structured

07:00 –> Julian talks about how Azure was used in modernizing a legacy system

09:24 –>Julian talks about the interesting and creative smart trash cans solution for the city and county using Azure Data and AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis

12:54 –> Julian talks about how cycling helps him achieve multiple benefits -> focus, fitness goals and learn the latest and greatest on Azure & clearing the head.

20:04 –> Challenges and advice for budding new Azure architects

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