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In this episode we go through an interesting and inspiring conversation with Olivier Martin who works as a Machine Learning Expert and Architect in Microsoft

We talk about a wide variety of topics from how “being curious” and being a #LearnitAll helped him to get to where he is today and helping him every single day. He also talks about an interesting Machine learning project where they helped increase the efficiency by identifying “false negatives”

Enjoy listening !

Show notes

1:40 : Olivier talks about his journey from a network engineer to his entrepreneurial journey to his different roles in Microsoft – all while maintaining his secret weapon – “Curiosity” and “GrowthMindset

10:07 : Olivier talks about how he went about learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning (all this with a new born baby 🙂 )

16:39 : Talks about a project where they used Machine Learning to improve manufacturing efficiencies in the assembly line – to identify “false negatives” and reduce the number of devices which were classified as “bad” but in reality they were “good”

23:09 – Olivier’s advice to new Azure architects “Be Curious” – and he talks about his pet project of Robotics using RaspberryPi and Lego. He also talks about how to leverage the strength and help from SMEs and experts to not reinvent the wheel and build on top of others work

31:30 – Olivier talks about how he took a year and a half to build his robot. And how his “dig-dig-dig” approach to really understand the concepts works to his advantage. How he learns things because of his passion for technology even though it might not be directly related to work.

37:00 – He talks about how he uses LinkedIn and blogposts to keep update with technology

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