In this episode we talk with Mike Pfiffer who works as a Chief Technologist at

We talk about Mike’s journey and how he got to where he is today. We also talk about his work in the education space using deep immersive education. We also talk about how fitness plays a critical role in his focus and attention to learn new technologies.

Enjoy listening !

Mike’s journey on how he got to where he is today (02:02)

  • He talks about his journey from a ski lodge to AOL all the way to getting his MCSE certifications – working with Microsoft, AWS and now running his own learning and consulting company –
  • He also talks about how he wet his feet into the development world by working on ASP.NET and other technologies, but decided to come back into the infrastructure space where the application development skills he learnt give him an edge.

Interesting projects that Mike has worked on (08:09)

  • Immersive training programs – After doing 25 Pluralsight courses and LinkedIn learning courses – Mike is now designing a course which is more immersive – the content is spread over longer period of time, people get more depth experience and absorb content in better way and they have a community to stay connected to create an impact. He talks about how his students are now the co-authors for his new books (published by Microsoft Press).

Mike’s advice to anyone who is starting off in the Cloud Solution space (13:04)

  • Don’t chase the dollar, chase your passion/goal.
  • Get active – use the passion. Consistently have a routine. Be organized
  • As tech people – we always bet on technology and learn and master it. Respect the highs and lows in the process
  • Complaining is not good enough, expressing viewpoints must add value – must not just be venting or shooting down a product or a service.

Mike’s advice to keep himself abreast of all the changes happening in the cloud world (16:10)

  • Have a system or routine in place- wake up early at around 4 AM. Prepare for the day, learn and share. Get a focused concentrated time.
  • He is militant about his calendar, if it’s in his calendar – he will do it no matter what.
  • Observe what people are talking about and get into the conversation.
  • Observer what successful people are doing.

Mike’s routine outside of tech / his daily routine (22:40)

  • He is intentional about his fitness and diet. His meditation is his workout. He feels its therapeutic.
  • After his work he hits the gym – lifts weight.
  • He feels there is a direct correlation between our physical fitness and the efficiency of the brain.

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