In this episode we talk with Sarah Lean aka TechieLass. She is a STEM ambassador, founder of the Glasgow Azure group, she has been a Cloud Solution Architect and now she works as a Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. In this episode we talk about how Sarah influenced Azure Migrate and its features, how she bridges the gap between the customers and the product engineering and how she keeps herself up to date with everything happening in the cloud world.

Enjoy listening !

Sarah’s journey on how she got to where she is today (01:41)

  • Sarah joined MSFT in 2017 as a Cloud Solution Architect
  • She transitioned to the Cloud advocate role a couple of months ago. Her role as a cloud advocate is to be an evangelist to Microsoft products ( she focusses on the ITPro audience), collect feedback from customers and bridging the gap between customers feedback and product engineers.

Interesting projects that Sarah has worked on (03:37)

  • She talks about how she specializes in data center migration. She also talks about the “Azure Migrate” – how they were using it, how they should be using it and how she influenced the product with the feedback provided.
  • Some of her feedback that was incorporated into the products include the inclusion of importing CSV files and import it into azure migrate – which was announced at MS Ignite.

Sarah’s advice to anyone who is starting off in the Cloud Solution space (06:45)

Sarah’s advice to keep herself abreast of all the changes happening in the cloud world (09:40)

  • She uses twitter to keep herself updated on everything that is happening and everything that people are talking about – she follows customers and Azure Program managers. She listens to the community and understands the latest trends and what is important.
  • She also has started a Youtube channel where she posts regular updates on Azure.

Sarah defines what a “good day” and a “bad day” is for her (12:10)

  • Good day – Almost every day, specifically when people find the content she shared or created useful and provide her feedback on it
  • Bad day – when travel schedules get messed up

How to get in touch with Sarah (13:50)



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