In this episode we talk with Daren Child (or as we like to call him Bear- because he is so warm and helpful). Daren talks about his experiences both with education and engineering world. He talks about a framework for “Modern Data Warehouse” which I personally feel is the single most useful thing any data architect should be implementing. Since he has a lot of amazing slides to go along with the framework explanation – this is going to be a video podcast, so please do check out the link below if you are unable to watch the video.

Daren’s journey on how he got to where he is today (1:30)

  • He started off as an Electronics engineer. He worked himself out of a job since he was really good at what he was supposed to do and completed the tasks on time
  • He then joined as a Dean and was trying to find opportunities for his students.
  • He was part of the first genome mapping project which then later went on to win the Noble Prize
  • He was the dean of a technical college – but time boxed it in order not to lose his touch with technology.
  • He has also worked with First American and Oracle before he joined Microsoft

Interesting projects that Daren has worked on (06:15)

  • 20-25 years of Enterprise data warehouse that have been grown – people have violated the original design constraints and caused them to go to maintenance nightmares.
  • Modern Data Warehouse – using “ELT”

Daren’s advice to anyone who is starting off in the Cloud Solution space (26:22)

  • Cloud is the starting point for anyone starting off in the data space, like Data Factory but at the same time have respect for the old like SQL and Oracle implementations.

Daren’s advice to keep herself abreast of all the changes happening in the cloud world (27:34)

  • He implements piece by piece and focus on a stream lined model and THEN figure where he can add the additional capabilities along the way
  • He DOES NOT go ahead and grab the latest announcement every day, instead he focuses on the core and add capability to the core.
  • Don’t go to AI if you can’t store data correctly

How to get in touch with Daren

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