In this episode I talk to Mithun Shanbag, who is the CEO and founder of Skewed Ventures which created, which is an online diagram and flowchart editor specifically designed for cloud architecture design diagrams. I talk with Mithun on his journey in the cloud technology space, his enterperuenial venture, his daily routine, his bootup sequence, his favorite books, the importance of sharpening the saw and more good stuff. Here is the link for the web application architecture that is hosted on Azure

Mithun’s journey in the cloud technology space and the birth of (02:07)

Mithun’s journey from 9-5 to an enterprenuer (07:20)

Mithun’s game plan on how he keeps with the rapid changing technology space (14:23)

A day in the life of Mithun Shanbag and his daily routine/bootup sequence(20:52)

The importance of compounding in your life (25:22)

The cloud solution that Mithun is proud of (27:06)

Advice for anyone starting off on their own (31:05)

Mithun’s favorite books

Deep Work by Cal Newport
Never split the difference- Chris Voss
How To Fail at Almost Everything And Still Win Big - Scott Adams
Malcolm Gladwell’s books

LinkedIn - Mithun Shanbag

Twitter - Mithun Shanbag



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