What does blogging (or creating any online content), investing, and physical health have in common ? Here are the common patterns I have seen across the three domains (and life in general too) - let me know if you agree/disagree

Analysis Paralysis


  1. Investing - Mutual Funds, stocks, options, futures, 401k !! -so many options to choose from. What I have learned is that keeping it simple is super helpful even when it comes to investing.
  2. Creating online content - Should my domain be a .com .io or .dev ? What about the logo ? Shouldn’t the name be catchy ? What theme should I choose ? I’m not saying these things don’t matter, but nothing is more important than the content and what you have to say - just sit down, defeat the resistance and start creating the content
  3. Physical health - Should I join this fancy boutique gym? soul cycle? orange theory fitness? should I have a personal trainer? It is more important to start - Start simple - even if it means going out for a run or just using a pair of dumbbells’

Ignore Setbacks


  1. Investing - You understand this if you are a long term investor - there WILL be a downward spiral, there WILL be a recession and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it - it is just part of investing. Ignore the setback
  2. Creating online content - I created my first video in 2012, the first video got ~20k views, was super pumped did my second video and that got 300 views. What did I do ? Any self respecting tech guy would do - yes I QUIT. Don’t be like me.
  3. Physical health - You start doing strength training for a week and suddenly your arms go sore - what do you do ? Quit - because that’s easy. Ignore the setback.

Consistency over intensity

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  1. Investing - You have all heard of “dollar cost averaging”. It is more important to be consistent to build wealth in the long run than trying to time the market.
  2. Creating online content - Like I said earlier, don’t be like me ie create the first post in 2012 and wait another 8 years to produce the next one. Be consistent, show up.
  3. Physical health - You don’t build good health by doing workouts for 3 hours/day for one month and nothing for the next 11 months. Regular consistent manageable workouts are what lead to good health.

But I'm not there yet


  1. Investing - The common excuse we all have is - “I just don’t have enough money to start investing” - even starting of with 100 bucks can make a huge difference. Time and the power of compounding are your friends here
  2. Creating online content - “But I don’t have any good things to say yet”, “I’m not an expert on anything.” Doesn’t matter - document your learning process. You don’t believe me ? The community needs you
  3. Physical health - “But I’m overweight or too weak” - That’s precisely the reason to start. Start BECAUSE you are not there yet.

Process is the reward


  1. Investing - Of course the wealth that is built is what we aim for - but the discipline of saving and investing and the habit building is the reward

  2. Creating online content - The ability to articulate thoughts, teach and present content to others itself is the reward. That skill is invaluable when you are talking to the customer, designing a solution and working with other teams.

  3. Physical health - The weight loss or the muscle gain at the end of 2 years is not the reward. Your physical health, mood elevation on a day-to-day basis is the reward.

I’m writing this more as a reminder to myself to continue to follow these principles.

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