Routing is one of the most misunderstood topics in Azure Networking. Here is my attempt to simplify this. Everything you ever wanted to know about Azure Routing explained in plain English with an easy to understand story in a super simplified way. In this video:

  1. We will talk about a fictional company Modern Zoo which hosts two Virtual Networks - Domestic Animals Virtual Network and Wild Animals Virtual Network - we will answer the answer questions from the new CTO - Curious George on how Azure system routes work
  2. We will talk about what a route table is, with a simple easy to understand New York City to SFO analogy.
  3. We will also talk about how routing priorities work in Azure and how Azure picks a route when we have User Defined Routes, System Routes and BGP routes.
  4. We will talk about how User Defined Routes are created from the portal and how they are associated to a subnet.
  5. What are the different next hop types in User Defined Routes and how we can use them to accomplish the requirements set by Modern Zoo.

All this in 10 minutes. I promise you, you won’t be bored and the video will keep you engaged :)

For the service endpoint explanation click here -

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